Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project Gallery June 2013

There is nothing like the feel of a luxury yarn around your neck.  This shawlette by Maxine is a prime example, made of hand-dyed yarn that is 60% wool and 40% silk.  The pattern is the Isolde Shawl from the Spring issue of Crochet! Magazine.  The pattern gives you have the option of making the plainer shawlette or adding a deeper lace edging to turn it into a shawl.

Joan made this shawl from another luxury yarn, this one a discontinued line from Osterman Yarn.  It is a silk, linen and viscose blend, which gives the shawl a wonderful drape.  The pattern is from Interweave Crochet's 2011 Accessories issue.  This interesting pattern works the opposite of what you'd expect, starting with the lace edge and finishing with the body.  Here's a close-up of the lace edging.

Hilary made this afghan from a Berroco yarn that is half cotton, half acrylic.  This entrelac design is worked in Tunisian crochet from a design in the Robyn Chachula book, Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques.  Wonderful color combination!  The afghan was a gift and purple and green the recipient's favorite colors--Hilary came up with the rest.

Call this item a Jen trunk special--as in, the trunk of her car, where this lap blanket usually resides.  She made it eons ago from some mystery yarn but it still looks great.  And the colors--wow!

Melanie made these two baby sweater sets, one in pima cotton and the other in a microfiber acrylic. Any baby would be proud to wear these sweaters, and the parents would be pretty pleased as well.

Melanie also made this vest from something in the Willow Yarns line-up.  She says she's not terribly pleased with the length of the garment, but you must admit it fits very well, the color and type of yarn show off the stitches well and has a suitable drape--what's not to like?

Vi made this scarf from Noro yarn.  You have to love how the vivid colors progress through the length of the scarf; a simple stitch pattern really shows off the color changes well.  This wrist bag can be used to carry a ball of yarn while you crochet or tat.