Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting Highlights: Tunisian Basics

It is official: Crochet Twin Cities has joined the Textile Center.  CTC members will find out about the benefits of membership at our June Fifth Saturday meeting, which takes place at the Textile Center.  See separate blog post for more information.

Do you know something about anything?  Have you an interest in some technique and realize that you've gleaned a few tips that maybe others don't know? If so, we need you! We are starting to plan next year's meetings and need to know who is willing to help others learn. Don't worry about coming up with handouts, patterns or swatches--we can help you with those. But we do need you to lead the class sessions. To volunteer, just email

Some of you might read Carol's blog and are familiar with her humorous post on "fuzzy fat stuff," a popular chunky yarn. Well, she finally delivered two large bags of the stuff to the meeting and our members got to fight over the spoils.

The topic for the June meeting was Tunisian Crochet Basics, lead by Julie. Tunisian is enjoying a resurgence in popularity with many new project and stitch patterns readily available (check out this month's project gallery for a good example--a Tunisian entrelac afghan crocheted by Hilary).

Here are some points to remember:
  • Stitches are worked in two-pass rows, rather than one stitch at a time
  • With Tunisian, the right side is always facing you as you work
  • A longer hook (sometimes with cable attached) is usually used, but a regular hook can be used for something small and delicate like a bracelet worked in thread.
  • The resulting fabric is very thick and can have a tendency to curl--but it can also be light and lacy, depending upon the hook size and stitch used.