Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's on your hook? Maxine's sweater

This week we thought we'd try something new - a quick interview with a member about a project that's still "on the hook". We hope this article will inspire other members to share what they're working on - you never know when your ideas might help another crocheter.

Maxine, can you tell us a little bit about what's on your hook?
This particular project is a sweater for my husband. I was actually surprised and a little nervous when he asked me to make it. I've crocheted vests for him in the past that he liked but that were so loose they stretched big and saggy - then I tried to knit him a sweater that didn't work so I ended up frogging it, again because it was too big and saggy. So I'm doing my best to get this one right!

My husband actually picked out the colors for the sweater. It will be a black long-sleeved V-neck pullover, mostly black but with the wide yellow and stripes that you see across the front and back, ending just below the armhole.

Are you following a pattern or making up your own design?
I'm actually using a pattern but a different weight of yarn and therefore a very different gauge than the sweater was designed for. The sweater pattern, For The Prepsters, was designed for a worsted weight yarn but I prefer to crochet garments with sport weight or finer so I am converting all the stitch counts as I go to a much finer gauge. It was easier than I thought it might be - this picture shows the front piece so far next to a blue sweater that fits my husband well - and as you can see, the sweater front that I am crocheting measures almost exactly the same as the garment that fits him.

Would you recommend this pattern or yarn to others?
Absolutely would recommend both. The pattern is one of the designs in Drew Emborsky's book The Crochet Dude's Designs for Guys - there are several other patterns in there that my husband is interested in. This particular pattern uses one of my favorite stitch patterns, one that is very simple but very beautiful - alternates sc, dc with next row sc worked over dc, dc worked over sc. The yarn is easy to work with and well-made - no knots or tangles so far. I've never worked with a washable wool so will be really interested in seeing how it is to care for.

Thanks Maxine, for letting us look over your shoulder while you're working on this project. We know your husband is looking forward to his completed sweater and we're looking forward to seeing it too!