Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meeting Topic Questionnaire (June 2011)

The newly formed Program Committee needs your input.

We've met to brainstorm ideas and suggestions for future meeting topics, as well as talk over ideas about how to structure the meetings and this is what we're proposing so far:
  • Rotate between formal and informal meetings.
  • Formal meetings are ones where someone presents on a specific topic or project.
  • Informal meetings are ones where someone presents information on a short crochet-related topic or the group engages in a specific activity.
  • Make sure there is time at every meeting for people to work on crochet projects.
Our next steps will be to put together a calendar of activities - and this is where everyone's input comes in. If you were not able to come to the last meeting and fill out the paper questionnaire, please click here for the online version.  (Update: Questionnaire has expired so link removed.)

We really need member input to know whether our ideas so far make sense, and to know what topics people are interested in learning about or teaching. Our next Program Committe meeting is Saturday June 25 so we hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks you in advance for your participation.
Gail, Jodi, Julie, Maxine, and Peggy