Monday, July 2, 2012

Hairpin Lace: July 14 Meeting Preview

We hope you can join us Satuday July 14 from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM at Prospect Park United Methodist Church.

NOTE: Due to a schedule conflict, we'll actually hold the meeting at the parish house that is just next-door to the church  - as you face the church, it's on the left and the entrance is next to the ramp that leads to our normal meeting area.

This meeting will be an introduction to hairpin lace, a crochet technique from the 1800s that is being revised by today's designers to create lovely garments and accessories. Maxine will lead us through making a simple hairpin lace project, a flower motif that can be used as a pin or joined with other motifs to make a scarf. She'll also bring hairpin lace sample projects, patterns, and swatches to give you other ideas for using this technique.

If you've hesitated to try hairpin because you don't own or can't find a hairpin loom, we've got you covered. There will plenty of extra looms on hand - and if you get really "hooked" on the technique, you can make your own.

To make this flower pin, you'll need to bring the following materials:
  • Lightweight worsted or DK weight yarn in one or two colors. The flower pictured here was made with Cascade Ultra Pima yarn.
  • Two hooks: one the normal size you'd use for your yarn and one two or three sizes smaller. For the sample, the two hooks used were H8 (5.00mm) and F5 (3.75mm).
  • A tapestry needle
  • A hairpin lace loom if you have one. Otherwise, you can use one of the looms that will be available at the meeting.
This class is suitable for advanced beginner and higher - you need to be able to make single crochet stitches and know how to use a a tapestry needle to weave in yarn ends.

If you do want to purchase a loom, the picture here shows two common brands, Clover to the left and Boye to the right. Try your local JoAnn's or Michael's for the Boye brand - it's sometimes packaged as a kit with the loom and a hook. Check with an LYS for the Clover brand.

As a final note, remember that this is road construction season, so check ahead to plan your best route to our meeting place.  The Metropolitan Council updates light rail construction goals weekly plus the Minnesota Department of Transportation maintains a list of current road construction projects as well as a site with current driving conditions for travelers.

We hope to see you soon!