Monday, November 25, 2013

Project Gallery November 2013

Sarah brought in a bunch of things to share—all made with her own designs.  She has a definite flair for color work and tapestry crochet in thread.  Add a few beads to a tiny bag and you have an amulet case.  Make a little larger bag, stuff it and close it up and you have juggling balls.  Make it larger yet and you have a purse or grocery bag.

Deborah has only been crocheting for three months.  This is her very first finished project!  Make several long narrow strips in different colors, braid them together, and you have an elegant cowl.  What a nice way to practice your stitches and have something to show for it.

Linda the Amigurumi Queen (also a new crocheter) has been busy making making gifts.  Pete the Cat, a character in a children’s book, is very popular.  And who could resist this adorable bear?   After spending hours trying to get the face just right on the cat, she used safety eyes on the bear.

Jen visited an alpaca farm in Backus, MN, and brought back samples.  She used some of her stash to make a hat and scarf set and a cowl.

Mary is another fan of thread crochet.  You have to look closely (just click on the image) to see all the tiny beads incorporated in this lovely collar--and don't miss the three clear buttons.

Maxine has been exploring the African flower motif, which can be combined to make just about anything, including some interesting toys and clothing.  If you like working with colors, you might give this hexagonal motif a try.

Rosemary likes a bit of glitz.  She crocheted this interesting necklace and earrings set.

Julie crocheted this V-shaped wrap using Lion Brand Heartland worsted yarn.  The picture shows the right and wrong sides of the wrap—and both sides look great!