Monday, September 1, 2014

Roving Crochet Reporter: MN State Fair 2014

We couldn't have asked for better fair weather on September 30, our first-ever CTC State Fair outing day! And ever though there were only a few of us we managed to persuade a fellow fair-goer to take our picture for posterity. As you can see, it's bright and sunny and, even though you can't see the sign, we are right in front of the Creative Activities building.

Right away, we headed for the area where most of the crocheted items were displayed - and to see the ribbons that Carla and Julie had been awarded for their items. This is Carla's filet crochet, beautiful presentation and beautiful work!

And this is Julie's purse, showing her mastery of Tunisian and her knack for pairing the right yarn with the right pattern! And isn't it kinda fun to display a pinwheel purse hanging from the ceiling? Gotta admit though, it did take us a few minutes to find it there!

One thing that's really fun about the State Fair and the Creative Activities building is that there is SO MUCH to see - you can walk through it and think you've seen everything but then five minutes later, go back and find something you've missed. It truly is inspirational.  This is a detail from a machine-knitted dress, just look at those lovely pleats! Betcha somebody could use that as inspiration for a crochet project.

It took us almost the full two hours to tour the exhibit and then it was time for everybody to go their separate ways - strolling back through the fairgrounds to the new transit hub, or meeting family and friends to make a day of the fair, or walking back across Snelling Avenue for the bus. As always, there were sights on the way, this is one of my favorites!

So it's goodbye till next year. We are so fortunate to live in a place where we can look forward to the Great Minnesota Get Together - it's a great way to end summer and say hello to fall!